Enterprise Cyber Resilience


TenEight applies best in class processes developed in collaboration with academia to help organizations recover from cyber incidents, define cybersecurity strategy, assess security maturity, lead improvement projects and obtain security certifications, such as CMMC.

TenEight is founded by Greg Crabb, who developed proven methods to deliver resilient and secure national critical infrastructure. For six years, as Postal Service CISO, he applied these methods to protect its technology and information assets against nation state threats; including the protection of military mail and the 2020 US elections. Independent of organization size and technology stack, these process improvement methods assure secure, resilient and compliant systems. Greg’s 25 years in law enforcement, risk management and cyber security leadership give him a distinct perspective on enterprise challenges.


Agility Keynote Speaker

Did you know threat is the most volatile component of the risk equation? Does your organization have the right intelligence and security solutions to address evolving cyberthreats? On April 20, I’m excited to talk about these topics during the F5 Agility Conference 2021 keynote address.

Machine Identity Management Global Summit 2021

Certificates provide the foundation for confidentiality and integrity. When mismanaged, certificates can cause major system availability problems. At Venafi’s event on May 10, I provide two sessions explaining techniques I applied and you could apply to significantly reduce cost and improve certificate management.

Thought Leadership
Cyberflag: Timely Lessons from Military Cyber Response Exercises

For the last four years, my cyber operations professionals have participated in an annual training engagement with DHS and FBI led by US Cyber Command. The engagement is called Cyber Flag.

Thought Leadership
IOT Security Assessment & Improvement

Organizations should examine the security of their IoT security program. The assessments should include reviewing the organizations current policy for device management, procurement practices, inventory management and incident response protocols..


  • Incident Response Plan
  • Consequence Response Plan
  • Financial, Legal, Regulatory
  • In-depth Internal Examination
  • Outputs
  • Maturity Snapshot
  • Evidenced-based Examination against RMM
  • Documented Set of Improvement Areas
  • Prioritized People, Processes, and Technology
  • Business Cases
  • Investment Priorities
  • Board communication vehicle

  • Training enterprise cyber teams
  • Organizational engagement for sustained resilience

No matter which phase of service we’re in, we always consider our approach through four main lenses.

Human CapitaL

Process Disciplines




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Chief Information Security Officer, vCISO, & Strategic Cybersecurity Advisor ||| Principal, 10-8, LLC

Gregory Crabb is founder of TenEight. Greg specializes in supporting organizations who need CISO expertise to protect their digital assets. Offering CISO & advisory services to the C suite, their boards, and those accountable for security across their operations or their products.